How do artists make christmas royal?

Royal Copenhagen’s Christmas tables has been a popular tradition among many Christmas enthusiasts since 1963. Throughout the years, both famous, royal and a wide range of creative people have been invited to cover a Christmas table. Based on Royal Copenhagen’s porcelain, the invited deckers create sensible universes and moods from a personal point of view.


This year, 2017, Royal Copenhagen invited royal ballet dancers to set the tables. Royal Copenhagen revealed the following tables on instagram


With her Christmas Table “All that Jazz and Love,” Femke Mølbach Slot, created a tribute to the glamour of 1940’s film, love and to her partner, jazz musician Chris Minh Doky. The table has been set for a memorable evening with the poetic and romantic dinnerware Flora. @femkeslot


“The Nutcrackers magical Christmas Table” by Anne Marie Vessel Schlüter takes inspiration from Bjørn Wiinblad’s imaginative costumes and his fantastic, delicate universe. Her personal Nutcracker is the centerpiece, with Star Fluted porcelain covering the table with all the Christmas motifs that Anne Marie treasures so dearly. @balletmie .


Kristoffer Sakurai has laid his Christmas Table with the White Fluted dinner service, as its pure aesthetics reflect the multicultural aspects of his life. “A table of dreams that connect two cultures” is where dance, art and the world of fashion is united. @kristoffersakurai

Halloween decoration

Its just the recent years that Halloween has been a thing in Denmark. When i was a child there was no halloween, which means we don’t have any traditions. The poor children have to live with Halloweens planned by a generation with just some american blockbusters to teach them what it is. But we learn

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5 easy tricks to help you set the Halloween table

How to make that halloween dinner table look like halloween and at the same time appetizing and without drawning in decoration parts. Set a normal table! Use all your nicest stuff and it will look even more scary, like a castle in transylvania.  Pull out the silver candleliers, the big glasses for redwine (blood that

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